FIN supports grassroots organisations to take local action

We want to back projects that will make a difference, without unnecessary bureaucracy. We will be systematic and transparent in our decision making, and will choose projects on the basis of merit.

We will make initial grants of between £250 and £5000, with the potential for further funding for successful projects. No project is too small, and we will do our best to support projects with expertise and marketing where needed.

While we aim to be non-bureaucratic, there are a few criteria for projects. We’ll need to understand the need for the project, see a clear proposal that includes information about the methods that will be used, and how any improvements made will be measured.

Core information requirements for an application will include images of the site/water, basic details of the initiative, simple costings for proposed activities, the authority of the individual applying to do so, and details of how the proceeds of any grant will be used. Only initiatives which are ”shovel ready” or have made a substantial start will be considered. Applicants will also need to agree to publish details of any grants made and the recipients.

If you would like to apply for funding, please email us on for an application form.